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Clash Of Clans Trying A Balloonion

Only by Don Quixote de la Mancha, Cruz Delgado would already include in golden letters in the history of the Spanish animation. "It took several years mulling over a film of Don Quixote - says-. But at the end of the 70 Spanish Television producer I met José Romagosa, who convinced me to do a series. So do one thing was crazy because the cartoons of that era were totally homemade and to get into a series of 39 episodes had to be insane."

"We did a 15-minute pilot, was presented to Spanish Television, which accepted it immediately - continues - and had to create another bigger study, because what I had was very small and needed us people. The first episode aired in January of the 79 and issued the last in April 81. "In total 39 episodes that are the only complete adaptation of Don Quixote".

"For the character of Don Quixote I based my on Fernando Fernán Gómez - ensures Cruz Delgado-. And then I got to have an interview with him to ask him to put voice to the character. He was very friendly and when I showed him sketches told me: "You see that you noticed in me". And it is that I thought that her voice was the voice of Don Quixote; could it be another. "And I said yes".

"Then I talked to Antonio Ferrandis (whitebait), who thought it might be Sancho and also liked the idea. And I was very well, I think that part of the success of the series is due to their voices". (A series that gave around the world).

Although not all were good reviews. "We gave much prominence to the Greyhound and a crow to make the series more accessible to children. and that didn't like Cervantes purists - Cruz - says. So, at the end of the first part, we did that he is based of a Raven and is left".

'(Journey to the land of the Giants) Gulliver's travels'

After Don Quixote, Cruz Delgado adapted the journeys of Gulliver (in the land of the Giants) in a feature film he planned to make a second part (in the country of the Dwarfs), which would never be carried out. Here's an interview about the film they did in the program Dabadabadá (1984)
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Sonia Martínez and José Ramón Sánchez Delgado Cruz interview by the feature film '(journey to the land of the Giants) Gulliver's travels'
'The Trotamúsicos'

In 1988 Cruz adapted to film the four musicians of Bremen, the famous tale of the Brothers Grimm. "We made the film based on the story, which was a great success, and had the honor of winning the first Goya Award best animation film" - says the director-.

"Then - continues cross - we did a pilot for a series for Television in Spain, Los Trotamúsicos. We had to change the name for merchandising reasons. The project was finally approved and we did the 26-episode TV series". (Here's the first chapter)

The book is written by Jorge San Román advised by Cruz Delgado Sanchez (son of Cruz, also Organizer and collaborator in several of the films of his father) that has been responsible of selecting the excellent artwork.

"Cruz Delgado is a legend in the history of the cartoon life - says Jorge - was a born entrepreneur who has set a goal: do cartoons." And not only did it but that set them in the 70's, was the man who had directed more cartoons. In addition to his own were the most popular and the best."

Cruz Delgado Sanchez highlights the series of Don Quixote: "He met a range of talents, from script, the voices, and of course the great work of the animators, who made history in animation" (aired in China, with great success).

In addition to Don Quixote, Jorge San Román highlights other works: "magical adventure has become a classic. The Trotamúsicos trail legions of fans who saw her in her childhood. It aired on television on 18 occasions and is a benchmark of the cartoon."

"The book has three parts - ensures Jorge-, the first is the Cruz Delgado biography, since his family came to Madrid, the avatars that you had to live, from the Civil War to postwar." There is a second part which is a small anthology of his facet as a comics artist, not as well known as his role as facilitator but equally important, because it made many comics who is a gem. And the third part gathers all the documentation."
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"I I took charge of the documentation - adds Cruz Delgado Sánchez - by being linked to the study of my father for many years." That has been my work. We have compiled all the

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